Thirteen Reasons

I finished the third season of “13 Reasons Why” recently. I am in utter disbelief. I personally was betting on the “Asian” kid. Not Zach, but the kid that was on the fake ID and same kid who was in photo room when Tyler and Clay were talking when Clay thought Tyler had gun in school. Wasn’t the Asian kid. No…it was suicidial Alex. Worst part is he was looking for a gun to end his life a second time. Wtfffff. It’s weird how a bully who has done unforgivable things all of a sudden becomes a victim. It truly shows you how human we really are. The most unfortunate thing in the entire show is that Monty was not given the same opportunity as Bryce to turn his life around. Instead, the entire cast conconcted a plan to frame him for the murder of Bryce to save their friends. The idea that a group of friends would band together to create this mega lie and let someone burn for it is incredibly harsh. I get it though…letting Monty bite the dust doesn’t seem to bad seeing that he raped someone with a broomstick. Does that make him less human? How many girls did Bryce rape?

The last season I can only imagine what will happen. You got the guns getting found….deputy disregarding evidence that would convict his own child and Tony paying the cartel. I see a lot of people saying that Tony was laundering money for his family. This show is so fucked up…my prediction is the money is for the hit on Monty in jail. Which would make everyone accessories after the fact. I think it would be a killer season to have the cartel visiting everyone and continuously blackmailing them. The show has got me thinking though. I always had the idea that pedophiles and rapists should be tortured in jail. Not anything crazy like pulling their fingernails or waterboarding them 🙂 It’s weird to actually type it out….I had the idea that rapists should be violated. Call it old world but an eye for an eye is appealing. Who decided the rules anyways? We try and act like these superior creatures. You shouldn’t kill….but if you do then no one should kill you unless they are in uniform. Without the rules we can all be the same. Imagine Hitler killing all of Europe and we decided we were not going to partake in killing of another. He would wipe out the entire world unless some faction finally stood up and fought against the rules.

It just doesn’t feel right. Some people are crazy….the way they think is different. If we allowed everyone to do what they want when they felt slighted we would have no population. There has to be some rules in place. If you raped my mom and I should be able to murder you. You took it upon yourself to do something that is frowned upon(rule) without the others consent. I guess rules are …you cant live without em. Without them we would be barbaric trolls protecting our caves. There needs to be an extension to these. Never being robbed I cannot tell you what it’s like or how it feels. I can only tell you what I believe by people I’ve talked to. Breaking into someone’s home and stealing their shit is one of the most barbaric things you can do. You not only rob the person of their items but of their sense of safety. Never again will they feel safe in their home. They will always have that feeling on the back burner when they leave their house or return. What if someone is in there? Did I lock the door? Did I leave window unlocked? When the person should be thinking of their job/family/friends/hobbies they are thinking of their house. If your going to make someone feel like this you should be removed from this world.

Eye for an eye with exceptions. We have come a long way since Egyptian rulings of cutting hands off for theft. We have gone to far. A person can abuse our children…get out and abuse other children…what kind of society allows that? It’s as if our children are like ants. Just objects that may or may not share our blood. How could we allow a Stephen King monster to have an opportunity to re-offend. The monsters need to be put down like in 99% of horror stories. It sounds rough…and you will hear all different theories on why this person touches little kids. He had a bad childhood, he is confused, he was touched, blah blah blah. Anyone who attends the public school systems know what’s right and wrong. They could of grown up being assaulted but that doesn’t mean they can do same without repercussions. If we removed all of the people who offended…maybe one day we won’t have any offenders left. The whole idea of touching little kids wouldn’t even be a thing. …but then again I’ve never been touched or touched little kids so maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe I’m not able to make this generalization. Shizzzz….I’m just going to be myself. Call me an outcast I’m just a vagabond on my own mission. Judgeth me if need be.

So we got group of friends all lying. They are making their own rules. They are choosing who lives and who dies. Who gets blamed for either scenario. They are the creators, the judges and the executioners. What is so different between right and wrong? The idea of killing someone who engages in violating children versus framing a rapist for a crime they didn’t commit. It’s okay for them to die but not to be misrepresented? Where is the grey area or is that what were missing? We battle in court rooms to convict people of the death penalty and only a handful of states actually execute the offenders. I think it boils down to individuals. People scrape together some ideas and run with them. Like myself I have my own ideas but it’s not until I put my ideas on the big stage and get a backing that I can make a stalemate. Fact is I don’t have the same struggle from personal involvement. I can say everyone deserves to live because that’s what this group is saying. When my own child becomes the victim it changes things. Maybe I need help…and I shouldn’t think this way…but if it don’t change you…you need help!!

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