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So your walking down the street and you see a dog barking at a cat in the tree. Depending on the type of person you are you may have different feelings. You may feel bad for the cat and be mad at the dog for chasing it up there. What if…the dog was barking to garner some attention for the cat who is stuck in the tree. We automatically go to…that dog chased the cat up the tree and is now annoyingly barking at it. When in reality, the dog could be a dudley-do-gooder trying to save it.

Having kids you can perfect how you react to situations. You can also mold your children and their reactions. Kids are constantly fighting and having disagreements. If you take some time to see what the cause is you can deescalate the situation before it becomes worse. Intervening immediately can help each child know whats right and wrong. If the kids escalate and start crying or a parent you will most likely start yelling to try and circumvent the dysfunction. The problem with yelling is kids do not gain anything from the occasion. Intervening right away will help you teach them what is going on. Ex: Kids are playing…one kid wants to do their own thing and does not want to play anymore. The other kid still thinks they are playing and starts to annoy the other who wants their independence. Yelling at them will make one think they did something wrong by wanting independence. The other will think they did something wrong trying to play with their sibling.

Before the volcano erupts you can explain to both parties what is happening. This child wants to play alone….tell the child that they are allowed to want to be alone….tell the other child that they have to respect their feelings and give then space. By nipping it in the butt you avoid crying and yelling. As a parent you have an incredible responsibility to mold your children to benefit the world. The way some children are being abused blows my mind. Imagine the kid who grows up seeing his dad beat the shit out of his mom or simply parents who fight all the time. His father tells him that’s the right thing to do based on what she did or better yet the mom will explain the difference. “He only hit me because the food was cold..but that’s okay because it should be warm and that’s my job. All kids have a 100% different sense of right and wrong. Our youth learn from their caretakers. They learn from who you associate with and what they watch on tv/tablets/computer.

This is why communism and countries with restrictions are so dangerous. It’s the Hitler mentality to create single thought race populations. We find sexual predators to be bottom of the barrel human beings. The mere thought of them induces violent thoughts and disgust. The crazy part is that a good number of them were victims themselves. They continued the deed because they have a fucked up sense of right and wrong. As a child are brains are like sponges. If we suck up the wrong type of information we can be doomed. Picture the kid who is home-schooled. Outside of his family and their connections who will judge this child’s actions. How will they know what they are doing or what’s down to them is wrong. Typing this makes me also think of altar boys and priests. A child’s core beliefs can be so mangled by the actions of others. The whole idea just boils my blood. What to do? How do we fix the problem? How do you explain to someone that grew up thinking something is the “norm” that it’s not. Once they have a taste for it…how do you remove that from their mind? Like drug addicts/alcoholics who sneak in a few hits because they know they like it even though they have learned afterwards it’s wrong.

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