The New Card

For a black man living in this world who do you think has the most to live for? Would it be black men in United States…black men in Africa…black men in South America? What do you think each person would say where they feel they would strive? Looking at the population from each area who has it best? Our past in United States is checkered but that’s the same across the globe. So before yall holla at me don’t go to far in your made up story about me. How long does this black card last? Like when we murdered, raped & pillaged the natives in U.S. how long were they able to play the “native” card? Sure they got some land rights now and casinos. In all honesty, we crying about issues on land we had no right being on anyways.

Reports vary but the number of deaths in slave trade to America is around two million. Two million people dying on the way to becoming a slave. The natives were thought to have been between five million to twenty million strong across America. By 1900, there was below 250,000 natives. They didn’t become full citizens until 1924. Utah was the last state to allow voting for natives in 1962. Black men got the right to vote in 1870. They became citizens in 1866. Think about that. When Columbus came to America 1492 until 1962 when Utah passed it’s law. Slavery in America didn’t start until 1619 and twenty slaves.

So lets piece it together. Twenty African slaves came in 1619 to start the population total for black men. There was between five to twenty million Native Americans before Columbus in 1492. By 1900 there was almost 9 million blacks in America compared to under 250,000 native Americans. Now around two million Africans died on route to America. At least four million natives were killed. Compare that to the first 20 slaves who became almost 9 million strong. Now again…how long did the natives play their cards? It looks like they haven’t had chance to even sit at the table. So how much longer do we deal with this black card sitch. If anyone deserves a card it should be the natives. American Indian Holocaust is more like it. Which brings another solid point…do all the Jewish people have their “jew” card in Germany. How much time has to surpass to move on?

My question is who gets to carry the torch? Will it be the LGBTQ community who takes us on a ride for a hundred years or more. It probably will start with the LGQ as they have gotten some groundwork started. We can listen to how we have wronged them which no doubt we shouldn’t be treating people different in our Democracy in 2019 almost 2020. History books will be written on the LGQ movement. A hundred years from now people will see what was done to our citizens and be in disgust. Only in a hundred years we will probably have a new thing. It will be Transgender broken down to it’s basic forms or something. Anywho…I’ve lost my mojo! Sichy topics are so draining.

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