The Great Escape

People “brain-skip” all day every day. I’m not entirely sure what the term is called but we are going to call it brain-skipping. Brain-skipping is when you experience the same thing over and over again and it’s become old. It’s not new…fresh…and exciting. Let’s say your friend twitches at least once a minute. To a fresh onlooker this is new and exciting. You become instantly invested to try and figure out why and if the person will do it again. It’s like watching an exotic animal at the zoo. You would never be that close to it in the wild so your in awe. After a while you become used to the person twitching. Nothing has changed with the person but your perception has.

I can see why people would go to drugs. The majority of peoples lives are the same after school. Get up..go to work…come home…eat dinner…watch movie/show…go to bed….get up.. over and over again. Sometimes you mix it up and go outside instead of watching a show. You might even throw a doctor appointment in the mix or do something before you come home. This is life. The wheel keeps spinning and you see the same thing day in and day out. Your brain has been working your entire life trying to simplify everything. You want to shake yourself from the auto-pilot. You need a new experience. Your drowning!!

New experience…here comes drugs. Things you have done your entire life will be a new experience. How so? You may have gone swimming hundreds of times…but you ever go swimming high? With drugs you can experience your current life with a new set of eyes and feelings. You become alive again and stray from your norms but only until the drug wears off. This may work for some people for a while. Other’s may end up in the same boat with the drug. What do they do? Go find a new drug to use to awaken yourself. The path is not paved with good intentions. The caveat is with each drug you eliminate more and more possibilities.

Now you want to get off these just like every heavy person wants to lose weight. You go to rehab and everything is “new & exciting” <<ring any bells? You become a brand new person. Your ready to conquer the world. You end up going back to your life…same family..same friends…same job…you end up relapsing. Rehab is great and if it works for just one person than it’s doing its job. You can’t expect to keep change if your not changing everything. You have to force it. We might not like all of the immigrants trying to seek asylum here but put yourself in their shoes. This is why starving actors are living in the city. You need to go all-in for change. If you want it bad enough you need to make it happen. If you stay at your cushy job and go every now and then to auditions your chances of making it are slim to none. You need to be working…making those connections…always a close leap from your big break.

The big question is why do we keep downsizing? When your young you take in all of your surroundings. Your playing ball and you can feel your muscles cranking. You see cars going by your noticing people in the parking lot. Your looking for an opening to shoot/cut to basket or pass to a teammate. Your looking at the defenders….right now…picture yourself playing. Your shooting free throw…shot goes in. What are you doing? Where is your attention? I can tell you as a young kid I’m living it up in the moment. I’m watching the ball go in the hoop, thru the net, on the ground & seeing who gets the ball…as an older person…if I’m shooting two free throws and the ball looks like it’s going in my focus ends there. If ball hits rim then my focus gets re-calibrated but once it goes thru or out I could care less. Now if I was shooting my second free throw then my focus needs to go step further if ball hits rim to see who rebounds.

We don’t need to be “on” the entire time. Maybe our brain gets so full from experience that we need to start minimizing the non-important stuff to make room. Maybe our brain is like a battery and we minimize so we can allow it to recharge. Our brains are our computers. We can run lots of programs. If we run out of space we still have all of them running but they are all fighting for that ram. Some will work better than others. The question remains is why do we gradually keep removing from our full experience? We continue deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole instead of trying to branch out and get back to the top. Problem is we are so far down and every time we get closer to the top we add another. Our additions far outweigh the deletions. I like the idea of the brain being similar to a battery.

One of the most annoying things is hearing the same person tell the same story again and again. At my job we have three people who constantly do this. Maybe I’m just weird but I remember what I have told people. Maybe there is a max capacity that each brain can hold. Maybe I’m being to judgmental? The things I choose to remember are not the same that someone else will. There are people who remember random stats for sports. Other people remember a lot of their childhood. Everyone is a little different with what they choose to have in the forefront. Am I paying to much attention to what others have to say? Should I tone it down on the listening and speak more? You got these three peeps who don’t remember that they told you this five times already but maybe that’s their flaw? They are stuck in the past. Something about that topic bothers them that they keep trying to sort it out? It had positive/negative influence on them. Maybe I should be trying to help them get past it?

I came across an eye-opener a few weeks back. I always thought of pros and cons in a criminal case to be a joke. The idea that you could receive a reduced sentence because you had a “bad” childhood was ludicrous. I never could wrap my head around it. Recently, I read a case of a person who was charged with drug trafficking. The case listed several reasons why the punishment should not be to harsh. One of basic reasons was because of the product that was seized. The person had 90/10 split of cocaine to crack. I had no problem with that. In today’s age we still have people with Marijuana records even though several states have legalized. What I saw next I just wasn’t ready for. It went into his childhood and some of the events that he was involved with.

The defendant’s parents were crackheads. His father was in prison and his mother left. He looked after his siblings living in cars and abandoned properties. He had to steal to survive. Before he turned 16 he witnessed his brother being shot. He attempted to give him CPR as part of his brother’s head was falling off. I cannot even fathom what I would do. The amount of mental damage I would have would be unprecedented. To make matters worse this is just a droplet of what this defendant endured. While other kids are playing sports and making friends this kid is out there robbing drug dealers and stealing so his family has a shot at surviving. Now I can’t say I would follow his lead if I had a similar background but I can understand now why he deserves a second thought for reduced sentence then what I would deserve.

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