Reading People

For some people it’s really easy to read people. You can pay attention to their faces and body language. A lot of people are diverse in microexpressions. Many already do this without the knowledge. If your used to being around liars. You know how to read when someone’s lying. If you live with overly emotional people you can also gauge people who are showing those emotions in public.

Playing poker while reading faces can be an added fun when playing. Your not only playing your cards but your opponents reactions to their cards and their on-going body language. 60% of the time you can look at someone and tell they have a good hand. Which doesn’t seem like a lot but when you pair it with the other 20% goes to having no idea and another 20% going to people who have no idea what they are doing. That last part is for all the people who play poker who have no clue what a good hand or bad hand is. It is impossible to put a feeler on what they have because they don’t know. You got a person whose acting like a high hyena all frolicking around waiting for the next card. They could be drawing dead but they got no clue. Their excitement is misplaced on readers.

People have normal crash levels. Some will have lots to do on their agenda and they excited to do it so their normal crash time is 5PM – 6PM. Another person could not have anything to be excited about when waking so their crash site could be as soon as they wake up. Makes you think what happens at retreats. Do they intentionally mess with your time to make you feel a sort of way so they can bring you back up and you believe it’s because of what they are having you do. They can alter your eating time and sleeping times. They can take advantage of your natural crash time. Very similar to the idea of born again virgins. What really goes down before people are dipped in the water?

People are stuck into these pre-conceived spots with others. If your talking with someone and your kids interupt you, your reaction is different then if it was your dad/mom/some crazy person. You initially put them in their place or you allow them some room to steal some spotlight. Some people try and gain the upper hand on relationships. They value themselves below and they try and team up with that person to win them over and try to or actually take control over them. Life is a like a hockey game and we are constantly keeping people in check. We are constantly looking for people who are taking to much advantage over another as well. Life is all about checks and balances.

What happens when you realize your true happiness…the one you’re looking at to decide whether or not your in a happy state. What if that happy state is the state when you were drunk/high or at simply your happiest. Could we be pushing ourselves to an extreme case of happiness. Happiness is what your currently doing. If your looking for divine happiness you will come up short 9/10 times. You’ll probably learn that divine happiness is saved for afterlife or it may be another thing we have been brainwashed to think.

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