Are we predetermined to be in a particular group. Like playing a game. We pick which classification we want to be. We can be a warlock, grunt, archer, knight. Does our hair play role in how we are or what we will become. Think about school. The kids with short hair are your jocks. The boys with long hair are your emo kids or grunge kids. Girls with hair in buns are athletic. Girls with short hair are athletic/weird.

Do we learn of the classes and keep moving towards that group? Like do we subconsciously grow our hair out to be grunge or are we predetermined to have our hair be short and be a jock. Can we fight what our predictions are. If enough negativity surfaces will it deter people from certain hairdos. I worked with a guy who was white and had an afro back in the day. It was a style trend. You don’t see a lot of white people sporting that style anymore. Why? If we placed enough negativity toward buzz cuts and racists would the jocks find a different do. Could we change history and how certain characteristics are labeled. Two hundred years from now people will label parted hairdos the jock cut. We will look back and say jocks used to be buzzed like my coworker had an afro. What happened?

Think of all the books and materials we learn thru out school. Think of the history books that say one thing in U.S. and another in Russia. Instead of being the ones to step up and take down Hitler maybe Russia said it was our fault to begin with. I’ve been watching new season of 13 reasons why. The peeling of characters in the show is unlike any other before it. Never will you see a show that considers so many different viewpoints. You watch a scenario and get stuck on this one idea as fact. Then another viewpoint comes in and you start to second guess what you knew. Then another supporting story comes in and now you are close to labeling it as wrong. What if the original was the truth. You keep getting thrown false story upon false story and you are brainwashed into thinking a certain way. What if we really started WW2?

Everything we know is learned from the school system unless you are home-schooled. Think about that. We make it a law that children must attend school and listen/learn the material that we put before them. Who decides what that material should be? The lightbulb going off must be so rewarding for lower grade teachers. You can read a kid a story and they may not know how to read but they can tell you exactly what’s happening in the book sometimes even word for word. As they are reading the book without words they start to associate letters with sounds and letters to words. Words end up filling out sentences. The growth of the mind is intriguing. The idea that some people are quick to show emotions while others have to think about it or need to be primed. What pre-sets people with that? Whether you let the situation develop or if you act without thinking.

Lower grades you are precursed. When you start moving up is when you pick your “Harry Potter” group. You can remain in the same group without ever needing to adjust. Without anything bad happening you are not able to learn anything. If no one has ever been mean to you…how would you handle when someone finally is? What do we call the person who doesn’t need to re-adjust? Everyone else has racist/sexist/social problems that happen to them and they need to change to survive. People with issues are compromised because they have been spun every which way. It’s hilarious how we sort out certain topics. You could be totally against gay people but your best friend/brother/sister could come out and be gay and then all of a sudden you love the gays. That’s another thing that bothers me. The idea of gays being a classification. We should not label people because of their sexual preference. It is absolutely ridiculous. It’s like labeling people based on their favorite color. “Oh, hes a green lover….that’s because he likes blue…all the people that like blue are ugly.”

“Light Shines Down to Show the Imperfections”

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