Ocean Theory

Been a little bit since my last post but I tell ya I have been busy. Barely got any time for myself. Mini-Tang diverted….I learned we “know” how deep the ocean is. All the movies I have watched including documentaries or history shows I always thought the ocean was just a big hole. The deep sea was this mysterious uncategorized thing. The ideas I have had including the existence of Megaladon at low levels. Needless to say I was shocked that we have even a guestimate of the lowest point. The lowest point is the Challenger Deep. James Cameron is on record having dove down the 35,787(almost seven miles deep).

Now Megladon may just be extinct but how is it that we are told the ocean is still 95% uncovered. Think about that….the ocean with all of the wildlife is 95% unknown. The ocean bottom is said to be 99% undiscovered. James Cameron went down to the “deepest part” of the ocean and was down there exploring for four hours. You telling me that we have gone to outerspace and we still haven’t mapped out our oceans? Which is why I believe there is a higher power controlling the water. Which leads me to the second half of the ocean theory which combines with this portion. How many of you know how the internet works? What powers it? What it runs off of?

The internet is made up of underwater cables that connect all the countries who make up the system. xxUnderWaterxx So there is cables that go across entire oceans that connect us. The first cable to be in the ocean was I believe 1860 for telegraphic. I believe we are also working on getting satellite internet more developed. All that said with the internet being the most important part of our lives in 2019…and yep it’s that dang important. You think of some of the other important things in history. Side Note…what will actually surpass internet as being something we cannot live without. You got the advancement of weaponry. In history the people with the greater weapons usually win the war. I’m no expert but you got caveman hammer, knife arrow, sword, cannon, musket, gatling gun, sub machine gun, assault rifle…. The person(s) who had these before anyone else had the advantage. The internet is that important..and who ever controls the internet controls the world.

Who is guarding these cables? In Pakistan you have a couple cables coming from Saudi underwater. Someone can easily tamper with the line. Think of where the cable originates and the amount of water between the two. There is no way you are patrolling all of these areas. But…oh I did..who is guarding these? What stops someone from cutting the cable. Putting a knot in it or putting some device that interferes or controls the information. Someone must be protecting these cables. Think Clooney’s Ocean movies. What kind of a heist could you pull off if you could take an incremental piece(most important thing in the world) ..the internet…and put an entire country offline.

No checking your emails..browsers would just be a folder on your computer…most people and businesses would not have working phones(who still has an actual landline..not a VOIP.) Any company who relies on internet for anything is a dud. You may not be able to open doors at your house. Your security camera wouldn’t do anything. You would have to take out your physical maps and take your old Magellan’s out of storage. People would be completely lost. Accidents would increase, violence would ensue. I don’t even remember where I was….

In a nutshell, someone is guarding the cables. Maybe it’s submarines but they seem more like the first line of defense. They can go about 2/10 of a mile down. The cables themselves can be five whole miles down. Something has to be guarding the next level where ever that begins. So I’m throwing it out that there is a power group. A group that only the most powerful in the world knows about. Our presidents just the bell boy at his next level. Can you imagine? A super power that only those in power know about. The super powers control the most important aspects of their subjects lives. Hence, they protect the cables. The protect anything going that deep. Is that why we haven’t researched more of the ocean? We are limited by the super powers who are controlling the unknown by keeping it off-limits. We went to the moon. We should be able to orchestrate dives every day across the planet. Each vessel with four hours on bottom. GPS locations make sure to get everything. Then work your way up from the ocean floor. Better yet, we got videos of sharks attacking the cables….so why don’t we set up pillars of cameras. We could outline the entire ocean area and have 360 real-live view of everything that happens in ocean.

Maybe, they already have this technology unbeknownst to us. My theory is there must be some power group controlling the oceans. The air could be thought to be the most important. I mean you can drop atom bombs and shoot missiles. If you own the sky you are somewhat a king. You can have heavy artillery to shoot down the air forces. You can also have the hackers bring it down. Heavy artillery doesn’t do anything to ocean, it just absorbs the hits. So ocean is power. Who are the pirates? Even loftier…what if people lived at 6 Miles Deep. There was some air pocket that is the size of China and there’s another world in our world.

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