My Only Fear

You know I’ve always said I didn’t have any fears. I firmly believe that to be the case in reality. It’s the unknown that becomes a little shaky for me. Ghosts…I’m not scared of the idea them existing…I’m scared of the idea that they can do something to you without any repercussions. Your completely defenseless and have nothing to battle them with. If the ghost ends up being able to affect you, you will experience 100% victimization. You have given up the right to control your situation. You take no responsibility for yourself or others.

Ghosts would have utter dominance and the idea terrifies me to the core. At no other point in my life do I feel I have chance of being a victim in fear. I will go all out if need be. You ever feel a different way about someone when you learn something new about them. Say the person your talking to was raped a while back. In your eyes their worth becomes lessened. The victimization is distasteful. It’s exactly what the Chinese do to their women who cause family to be viewed negatively. They get shunned. Weird part is how we all look at that differently. Some people get off on fact the person they shacking has been completed dommed at one point against their wants. Your actively thinking about putting her thru the moment over and over and pretend your the actor.

So you have the person who gets turned on and the person who is disgusted. The third wheel is the neutral person who doesn’t even view this as anything. They just do not think that way. They could care less if they have been dommed or not dommed. They don’t care about that power. They are green hippies who stay on the sidelines. They don’t need to go 0 to 60. They good with there relaxed state. Some people are high strung and in the 90s and they try to calm down to get near 60s and lower. What makes us view high/low power in a different light of positivity.

I see low power as a negative. Does that mean I am high power or is it classified even further into the power of this and that and that and…. Is it just one of the many attributes that make up your stats. Your power is 65/100. You get yourself up to 80/100 and then you see a buddy and he’s bigger than you. He’s also an 80/100…but how could that be? Your a 80/100. Now with this new rating your a 70/100. You build up your size as your friend and you both are 85/100. Then yall see another dude that says he is 85/100. He’s obviously at least five sizes bigger then you so your new 85/100 guideline is newer…story goes on and on.

We are always comparing ourselves to our surroundings. Women are the worst as they are fighting with each other 24/7 to get them a partner. So we think Sue is hot. Sue thinks Miranda is hotter. Miranda thinks Winona is hotter. So our hot guideline just keeps getting higher until we start looking for the JLo’s of the world while everyone else is getting with Sues and Mirandas. We learn that we cant go off of other peoples opinions when it means being with someone for extended time. My question is who gets off on low power and thrives off their loss of power tendency. You would think someone would want a high power woman who yields 55-60%. This allows for even 50/50 power dynamic where the woman is giving in a little. It’s a little biased…I know…but it is what it is!

There must be different classifications of each power. High power stretches across a bigger platform. You have girls who will rape a guy(It’s Possible!), dominatrix, somewhat in charge…little in charge then goes shared charge and a little give. Then same for the low power going up to shared charge without giving a little. It makes perfect sense for high power seeing that as a real team you split your stats up 50/50. So if your sporting a 50/50 and your other half is low power at 10/50. You only got 60/100. Not very strong. Where as a lesser guy whose 40/50 can be with another 40/50 and they are 80/100. The chances of them winning are significantly greater. Why would you want to put yourself in the position to have lower power than other couples? It’s like picking kickball teammates. The weakest link could put a hole in your chain that’s incurable. Get Ya Numbas UP!!

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