Monkey Time Schools

I learned about Individualized Education Program (IEP) and it has opened my horizons. Children are a lot like patients in a hospital. The staff is doing certain things with some students while having another protocol for others. Some kids have certain deals that no one knows why they have. I had a kid in my elementary class that got to eat lunch in a separate room while everyone else was in the cafeteria. Another kid never got spoken to about sleeping during class like others. I had a class with two kids who rarely ever came to class. It was an on-going joke as there overall grades kept getting lower and lower on every grade sheet. You think how can a kid have a 13 or 7 as an overall grade? My question is how did they continue on to the next grade? In comes the IEP…where you can adjust exactly what your child does.

Little Timmy doesn’t like running in gym class. It gives him anxiety…does he have an IEP…well Timmy is excused from that activity. Does Timmy have a hard time in lunch because it’s to loud? Well Timmy gets to sit in a comfortable classroom eating by himself. It was also a joke that certain people had special treatment. We would tell each other that he 100% did and come up with our own reasons. You would ask them how the fuck you get to sit in classroom while you eat? Their response, “I just ask and they let me go”. So what did we do? We asked and got shut down. Never as a child did I know of IEPs and how it could benefit someone more favorably. Weirdest thing is the kid who somehow managed to keep passing grade levels was actually smart or an incredible SAT taker. He managed to have the top score in our entire school. This coming from a student who had an overall 7.

What happens to the kid who finds out they have an IEP? I’m not talking about your average IEP kid either. Not the one who get’s to wear headphones while taking a test or sit in a room and have someone read the questions. I’m talking about a child who has no clue they have an IEP. What happens when they figure it out? Do they feel bad about it or do they use it as a crutch/advantage. Similar to how a rich kid feels powerful knowing he can get out of binds that a poor kid would shit a brick over. It could turn a kid into Malfoy from Harry Potter. A nasty arrogant little chomper. The thought that some kids are running around with these special privileges is crazy. Sure, they need them but I had no idea this was even a thing.

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