Mass Shootings

Another shooting and this time at Walmart. Where are we safe? I always had the pro-gun stance since I learned about them. I’d always tell my co-workers it’s our right to bear arms. We should be able to defend ourselves if need be. What if someone came into my house at night? What if I could make a difference and save a life(kind of weird because you would also be potentially taking one?) Then you got arguments we don’t need them….if government wants to kill us they have 1000x the firepower and technology us peons have. No matter how you slice it there’s a good rebuttal for each catalyst.

First and foremost, what the fuck is going on in the minds of are youth? Have the parents of the new age failed? Do we just have different lifestyles that cause kids more grief? You always hear that mass murders happen because the person wants to be famous forever. The thing is…they ain’t lying!! When I die how will I be remembered? My children…most likely their children…their children will have their own and by that point if not already my life will be just be a name on a family tree. Think of to yourself of shootings…..Columbine, Las Vegas, Few Churches, Colleges, Sandy Hook, Gay Night Club…so many more. You have people saying you don’t need guns. You are safe. It doesn’t happen everywhere. Have you seen the last five years? Schools that should be the safest place…the place that holds our babies. If they are not safe..we are not safe anywhere. Schools, Concerts, Marathons, Jobs, Shopping, Parties, Movie Theaters, Churches, Mosques…..on and on and on.

I am going to the movies tomorrow and I can say the thought of bringing my gun has gone across my mind. How fucking sad is that? I don’t even feel 100% safe paying money to go watch a movie. We keep getting this idea that everything is fine…no big deal. Unless you live in Chicago you don’t have to worry about getting shot. These instances are rare. Vox; “Mass shooting deaths represented less than 2 percent of all gun deaths in the US in 2016 — 451 of nearly 39,000 overall gun deaths. “Meanwhile, more than 14,000 of the gun deaths that year were homicides, and almost 23,000 — the great majority — were suicides. One death is to many in Mass Shootings…451 in one year. This is just the United States. We need to start putting more emphasis on mental health. What is any of the “great majority suicides” of the 23,000 number decided they didn’t want to go out alone. They decided they wanted to try and get in the top ten of most deaths.

Today, so far 20 people have died from this shooting at Walmart. People were going to work, going shopping, going to hang out…and they lost their lives. Think about that…100’s , 1000’s of people have jumped out of an airplane today. Safe to say 100,000’s or millions of people have gone shopping today. Removing the possibilities of death on way or coming back from the store the chances of you dying at a grocery store I feel are stupidly low. The chances of you dying when jumping out of a plane are on an entirely different spectrum. The day before you know your jumping you know the risks. The day your going to the grocery store your not thinking your going to run into a psychopath on a killing spree. The fact that more people have died at a grocery store today than those who willingly jumped out of a plane thousands of feet above the ground should aww you. This isn’t right. What is the answer? Your going to see both sides fighting the same battle…we are going to take your guns away….we are keeping them…we are going to limit your guns…you will not touch our rights…blah blah. When are we going to talk about the real issues?

My mindset should not even consider bringing a gun to a movie theater or maybe I’m just being naive or moronic? Maybe we don’t have our guard up enough? Maybe we should all carry a weapon. Would a caveman go to another caveman’s area without a weapon? Maybe my personality is to trusting and I haven’t experienced anyone with a different mindset? I might be sheltered…maybe the gypsies have the right idea? We need to be studying these savages. This is the problem. Books will be written, documentaries/movies will be directed, forever glorifying in the killer’s mind his/hers decision and life. It’s the only way to truly understand why this person streamed so far from the path. What made them get to this point? Like who just lights up an entire crowd of concert goers from a casino building. Worst part is you don’t see any news on it anymore. It’s almost as if it didn’t happen. Maybe that’s better so that we are shielded from the horrors. It keeps future young killers from seeing that potential lime light.

The part that boggles me is I get the whole gay nightclub shooting, the churches and mosques, school shootings, even some of the job related shootings. How do you get off going to a store and just killing innocent people for no reason. The school shootings fall here as well seeing that in a good number of the instances the people getting shot have no connection with the shooter except for school they attended. “Innocent” sounds a little harsh but I mean it in the way that the killer has no reason to kill the person(not based on religious beliefs or job/school interactions. Maybe school is to blame? Maybe thru-out history we always had this issue it’s just no one ever covered it on main stream media. Whoever/whatever is responsible we need to do something. Hopefully with the 2020 election coming up we can have the “mind-leaders” work out a plan that doesn’t just consist of taking guns away. How about we focus on the important things like school safety & mental health.

I honestly believes the fault lies in the way our system works. You see it all the time with companies downsizing. Businesses take over another and then switch it up. You use to have four people working a healthcare floor now you only have two working that same floor. Who gets the short end? Everyone except hire-ups that are lining their pockets making you do more work for no extra money. The patients are for sure not getting better service. They are still paying the same amount. They didn’t get any discount. All across America we are sending our jobs to other countries for low unskilled(sometimes Child) labor. Think about how long it takes to see a specialist. Three to six months for a first appointment.

There are people who will do something that requires them to be hospitalized. This way they can see a doctor and get their medications all sorted. Imagine you just get diagnosed with depression or anxiety or anything. You need to see a specialist(Psychiatrist). They ask you for all your information and then they schedule you an appointment. They are booked out for three months. Your having an issue with depression and you can’t talk to a specialist in that field until three months? Are you kidding? I hear it all the time that people have trouble getting mental health treatment. We leave people to fend for themselves. I’ve seen a person wait two months and then get re-scheduled due to overbooking. The patient then decides do I wait for my next appointment or try a new place and have to wait even longer. By the end of it they might say screw it and just accept whatever is causing their underlying condition. To make matters worse you got a entire floor full of people feeling some sort of way and Corporate thought it made sense that they only need x amount of workers for the entire unit. Each person isn’t getting the level of care that they should be. At least they are each given the opportunity to talk to a psychiatrist while they are hospitalized.

All we can do is keep everyone in our hearts that has been or will be affected by this tragic incident. We can put them right along all the other incidents that have precluded it. What is the answer? I don’t know but I’m hoping we can shine some light on issues we can work together on.

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