Lotto Update August, 22

Super Busy Week. Haven’t had any time to really invest. Really hindered myself by using up all my day trades. If I had a cash account I would be doing pretty well except for the contract/trade fees. My spy option expired worthless. It looked like it was going to pay nicely but pre-market next day it made move upwards. Lost $47.00 on that. I closed out my BABA as well. Paid $89.00 and sold it for $131.00. Made quick $42.00 which offset spy lost to almost even.

I got a lot of options expiring tomorrow. Macys, Target, Bank of America & Apple. I could of flipped Apple for some quick money the other day but no day trade 🙁 I need Macys to go up at least a dollar or it will expire worthless. Bank of America I need it to go up a dollar plus. Apple was at $212.00. So I need it to come down a couple dollars. I’m feeling optimistic about Apple the others I’m pretty sure is dead money. The last option expiring tomorrow. I was expecting Target to drop after its stellar day. It actually went up so I need a miracle. I added some puts on 09/20 for Target. I figured a month is enough time for it to realize where it belongs. I am still holding my SLB and GT.

We down to $672.00 which is still positive. I’m hoping to catch a break on any of my ones expiring tomorrow but remain very optimistic about my longer term holdings. Feeling a nice non-stock post coming so I’ll leave this short.


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