Lotto Update 9/5

We going to make this short and sweet. Been super busy and haven’t had much time to do anything. From my last post Target decided it didn’t want to play ball and release news with Disney partnership. Instead of being up $200.00+ and watching it fall..we moving full on forward to zero town. Contract expires 09/20 so there is still some time. Maybe I’ll get lucky and they can release some news about how they leaked out millions of customer records or some shizzz. Early Lesson: Do Not Put Half Your Account On One Play!! I have no doubt in my mind that Targayyy will go down. Do I think that will be in my time-frame of cashing in…most likely no. They will continue propping this garbaggge with pointless news. People are on cloud 9 with Target and Disney shindig and they gonna run t1ts off their cow.

SLB also 09/20 expiration is looking good. Was actually green for little bit today. GT also 09/20 expiration is also moving in the right direction. Love the fact that I still got time on these gems and GT is ITM atm. MCD Put ends 10/04. I do not remember why I thought Ronald was gonna go down. But let’s continue praying!! I won’t be making any hasty moves. I’m actually looking forward to re-starting this once I get some free time. My new mindset..”don’t care and let em be”. Help me adjust my tendency markers.


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