Lotto Update 8/15

So….I started off little hazy like a drunk guy trying to find a hidden bottle. I just kept throwing em back….I wanted to take it slow and go a little longer term holding but I bulled out. So our starter balance was $455.00.

First trade I did was X(United States Steel). I bought 7 contracts at $0.26 a piece for a whopping $182.00. Steel has been beaten down so I was hoping for a little move. Everything is going crazy in market with Trump and China. Market bounced a bit when phones got taken off tariff list but today the down got blasted and spy down $8.00. I managed to sell X the next day $0.44 a contract making $119.00. I also bought 3 contracts of NKTR at $0.50 a contract. NKTR was trading at $30.00 a share and dropped $10.00+ from missing expectations on their quarterly and also manufacturing concerns with their cancer drug. Looking at the chart it hasn’t been this low since Nov 2017. Earlier this year it was at almost $70.00 a share. In my mind this will be a perfect long play. I was hoping for nice short-term bounce but would keep eye on this one if you got good holding hands. I still have the options…they expire on 8/16. Let’s hope they do something tomorrow or Friday.

I bought two options for BABA. One put and one call. I haven’t had much time to really invest in trading so I actually thought the earnings was reported this morning hence why it was down $5.00 from close yesterday. I spent $88.00 on both and I figure with all of the China-US turmoil that if earnings were good it would have a significant jump. If they were bad it would really tank. I guess we will find out tomorrow when the actual ER is. I bought one contract of Spy for Friday Expiration. The SPY has been so volatile. All-Time high and came crashing down after the first China tariffs got placed. Market rallied all the way back to make new All-Time highs to slowly decline couple months after initial with more China tariff news. They say history repeats itself…guess they were right. Short Term I see market going back up unless for some god awful reason Trump does or says something to make shit worse. No Pun!! I bought 1 contract at $0.69. I bought one more at $0.56. Nice little 62.5 avg.

This morning I sold my BABA like a re-re. I was expecting a bigger move in either direction…what I didn’t realize is that the movement wasn’t from the ER…oh well! I ended up making $103.00. So I made $15.00 whoop whoop!! Now SPY on other hand was first thing I saw when I opened it up…maybe why I spoofed so hard with BABA not sure. Contracts I bought for 62.5 avg was now 2.02. They more than tripled. I spent $125.00 and ended up selling them for $2.09 a piece($420.00). Making $295.00. Had I waited the contracts at end of day today would of been $4.15. With a small account you gotta take the profits when you see them. You cant go broke if you keep tipping your money jar!! anddddd….the real sucker today would be LK (Luckin Coffee). They are the ones who had an earnings today. No one wanted to give me my 1 contract 🙁 Option I wanted went down to like $1.30 and I just wanted 1 at $1.60 no biggy. Ended day at $3.60. They missed the revenue expectation and went down. Would of been easiest $100-200 but no no no. Yall can’t hook a brother up.

So we at $639.37. $529.37 of it is cash. $110.00 is still on $BYND and $NKTR. I totally forgot about $BYND. Pretty sad because I looked at the screenshots and was like yep that was it 🙁 ddduuuhhh. So we up $74.00 technically. I wouldn’t recommend doing this with any other broker. The fees per contract and even for the trade itself will kill your $500 and under account. So we calling our current shares dead until further notice.(at least until Friday :)) Hopefully, we see some movement and we can make some moolah on them but Heaven knows. It’s so hard and a lot of pressure. You really want to achieve your goal but unlike life you don’t get another chance. You had the car that you sold…..once you lose the money…it gone!! There’s no more cars to sell. My brain is dying to just place it all on red. Double it up! It’s always good to feel that advantage point. You know you have more chips in front of you than when you started. Anything on top is what you can use. Once you double that then you start feeling more confident. You can take some risk and potentially get even more chips or you might lose a little but your still ahead of the game. It’s not until someone else get’s the same amount of chips that you start feeling nervous. The nervous feeling is because you know you can’t act same way especially when the other front-runner is close to you(in chip stack). One hand…one wrong wager and boom…it gone!

The more rich we are the more powerful we feel. Certain risks that may be serious to some are not a big deal. The level of risk goes down with the more property/pieces/people you control. Sometimes you can leverage a pawn or rook or even queen for the greater good of the game. You have the pieces you can risk losing. It’s not until Alexander The Great comes knocking that you have to worry about your castle. *It’s not until your doubled-up that you feel safe.* Is everyone elses tolerance different? Do some people naturally feel safe with what they have no extra or do they possess something even lower than our default. We are at 0 and there 0 is their 100 or 50. They have more hit points. It takes more to take them down. What makes them like this? Or is there no silver lining and their 0 is our 0. They feel comfortable with who they are. 100 is good if they die they die. Other people don’t feel same way. They don’t want to die. They are willing to step aside to be able to get an advantage before they start risking. Some people never get that advantage or don’t feel like they have gotten it.

These people never take chances. Do not put any risk that’s not absolutely necessary. What/who/why decides this tolerance? Childhood? Family? Friends? At what point does this happen? Are we born with it? Some people need a crutch in order to feel powerful. Are some people naturally born powerful or does your power raise at different points? Like an animal leader of the pack is your strongest offensive weapon. As that leader they grow even bigger like the king Ape. Once they lose that role they become less. It’s like a guy doing steroids. You feel like that King as long as your getting your fix. Once you stop you lose the feeling mentally and you lose your power physically and shows in your body. Do we have control over our own risk levels. Can we train the brain to automatically take on risk or would it put our brain on to rigorous of auto-pilot and we end up not thinking of the consequences to risk. Goal is to stay alive. We learn what to do and not to do to keep our heart beating and our blood flowing. Should we push our limits, do our limits get pushed by outside sources?

Slimming(boiling) it down. Is our risk decided by genetics, experiences, surroundings…? If we are starting as a 70/100 risk taker. Is it possible to alter that so it’s not just your average. Say you want to be a 85/100. Can you work your way towards that and maintain it. Can you get to 85 for short-term than default? Or can you get to 85 then drop like a pendulum and slowly average up to 70? Is this something you can even alter to begin with? Without thinking of consequence you would always run like a robot performing the same function over and over. Without consequence there is no alternate route. As we get older does our 70/100 go up or down. Again, is there a correlation with risk and age?

The more you have to worry about the less you appreciate life. If your well-off you do not have to worry about the trivial things. Food, Shelter, Health, Material Things. Poor people have to worry about feeding themselves and potentially family/children members. They have to provide some sort of living arrangement for themselves and/or their family. Health is up in the air because if your poor enough you get free healthcare(not saying it’s the same as paid). While well-off people have to deal with more of the mental issues. They have more time to spend on relationships, drama, he said/she said. You always hear the well-off person saying “live your life. life is so awesome. be humble. money isn’t everything. i liked my life better when i didn’t have money”. Does the commoner not know? Unless your in their shoes we assume their life is easy. Is their life that hard? They don’t have to worry about fixing their cars, plumbing, heating house, car payments…list goes on and on. They have enough money where they do not have to worry about it. While a commoner is thinking day in day out about how they are going to make it or get by. What they can buy? How much that costs? Will I be able to get this done? Should I learn to fix my own pipes? Do I fix my car myself? As a poor person you try and teach yourself ways to bypass paying for trivial shit you can do yourself. If we spent more time looking for ways to make more money would we have a greater benefit?

Learning how to do plumbing work or mechanical work you are basically saying “I’m content where I am. I can make this work for me”. I will try my best to maintain this lifestyle and start doing some of the things rich people pay for. Once you get in the CEO spot you are done doing the little things. Your focus becomes geared toward the bigger picture. You don’t have to fill boxes or make anything that you sell. You certainly can do it every now and then but you will never do what you did before. Some people strive to stay in the system but in the middle. Some people are very low and other strive to be at the very top. At the top they could know how to fix their pipes..but it’s not cost effective to have them do it themselves. They have the skill but they don’t need to use it. It’s like you have mastered the top level for your skill. You cannot get any better in that field. There is a cap. Once you reach it, it becomes time to allow others to master that field. You become the all-wise in that category. Is there an extension to the cap though? Are some able to keep pushing the envelope and raising their own caps? What makes it so they can raise it?

Back to life…..what does it mean..what should we strive for? We adapt to survive. We adjust to our situation. Who is the main character who gave us our risk level? Is there a main person? Is it divided amongst many figures? End Tangent. (At that point where I don’t even know where I started from) Just keep undressing the load of clothes I’m wearing. It’s why certain people are geared to certain levels of classrooms. A teacher needs to be in the right mindset for 1st grade. The children need a match to the criteria they should be striving for. Their learning experience relies on that teacher being the right fit for that age. We keep getting moved up the factory line. Some students have teachers who are not in their correct grade level. They are unhappy because the kids can’t make connection. The connections some of kids make to that teacher become lost. Those that made a connection feel less likely to make it again.

To Be Continued…


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