Lotto Update 16th, August

Been quite the week. Started camping trip yesterday. Two days in and a long weekend to go. Did couple quick lotto positions since I wont really be looking at stocks for today and yesterday. I got a spy call. I liked the bounce opportunity and the fact it wants to keep that bullish sentiment. I felt it had good chance of at least making 288. I got 287.50 calls for Friday expiration. I spent $42.00 on one call. Last night spy was up a little but nothing that had me super going on the idea of them covering spread. The second option was AMD. It was on a downtrend and this stock always making that clutch forward. If I remember it might of been close to double bottom if not triple so I was betting for the win. The last option was WMT. They had great start at opening bell which was single handedly helping bring the Dow up a little from its horrendous prior trade.

As I said I’m on vacay so offloading these in the AM. All newbies ended up going well premarket. I made quick $300.00 on WMT. Bought ten options at .06 and sold at .36. I sold AMD and SPY prematurely but I already made more than enough on WMT. I could of let them play but why not take profits and keep playing. Made $16.00 on AMD from bought at .42 and sold .58. Ended day I could of made another $75-100. Sold SPY at .73 from .42. It went up to 1.40. Another $70.00. If you cant watch your options best to get out on expiration date before having them end worthless.

All in all we almost doubled this week. $987.28 we at now. Come Monday let’s double it up again. #Under500to15000

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