Lotto September 15

I believe I already commented on my last post but Robinhood sponged me selling my SPY at 3:04PM for same I bought it for. Still feeling little salty…was only a $6.00 bet but I could of made 10-20x(1000-2000%) on initial investment. That’s business though. I ended up selling some options for quick profits. SBUX made sweet move on Friday. It came from sub $90.00 on Wednesday to 93.00+ on Friday. The news that dropped it almost $5.00 on hump day did not seem that worthy. I didn’t think it would start gaining traction this quick but quick profits are great for building a small account. Just have to avoid putting to much in any one stock..cough cough Targay!!

Paypal was the other call option I closed out. Earlier this month it was at $111.00. Hump day it dropped down to low $103.00. I honestly can’t remember what pushed it down but we not talking about Ebay. Paypal is a beast and unless significant news hits it shouldn’t of dropped $8.00. All in all we close to $1000.00 again. Starbux I spent $69.00 and sold for $189.00 making $120.00. Paypal I bought for $112.00 and sold for $320.00 making cool $188.00. Going to keep clipping small gains until we at around $1500.00 – $2000.00. Then we increase the risk like or Target puts.


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