Lotto September 10

Ended up exiting two positions in profit on 9th. Sold SLB contracts for $1.70 a piece and GT contracts for $0.85 a piece. I bought 1 contract of SLB for .80 and another for .71 spending $151.00 in total. I bought 1 contract of GT for .55 and another for .50 spending $105.00. In total I banked $197.00 on SLB and $77.00 on GT. My Targay play not looking so hot. The Disney news has given it a false bottom. Lesson #1987 do not put all your eggs in one basket. Do not put more than a certain % of your account in one play.

Picked up several contracts today. Got some AMD calls, TWLO calls, PYPL calls, SBUX calls, AMZN calls & WMT puts. I bought a call and put on SPY. I had a feeling we would see some lows but that ended very quickly. I made a quick $66.00. I grabbed some true lottos for calls with what I had left. I got 1 300 spy call for $6.00. I grabbed 1 303 spy call for $1.00. Both expire tomorrow so I’m banking on the move upwards happening quicker then it should. SPY will definitely make a new high before falling into winter.

Hoping to be a little more pro-stock in coming weeks but I’ve been super busy. Was hoping to explain why I got into the positions I did but I just don’t got the space for it. Signing Off!!

Little mini update. Killed the lotto call on SPY. But…robinhood sold my contract at 3PM for god knows why. If I had little more jingle could of made nice chunk.


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