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I was thinking the other day…what if you took the best of the best employees in a particular field and put them in the same company. What would the rest of the companies in those fields do? Would their become new “best” employees? People would need to step up to the plate. We dealing with the dream team against the world. Every team could have it’s own superstar but their talent is still outweighed by members of the dream team. Eventually, that person could also make it to the dream team further filling the void of competition. Taking away their superstar will the others be able to survive? Think about any job you worked at. There was always the workers who excelled and made that company great. Without them it wouldn’t get the same recognition. Imagine all of them gone. Your left with the people who just skate by doing bare minimum or others who think they want leadership but they really don’t. They don’t want to put in the long hours and hard work that being great requires.

Just the thought of it is scary. It would be awesome to see what kind of accomplishments and advancements they would be able to make. In same coin…do the superstars need variety to really flourish? Think about sports…if the dream team won every game by forty points would any of the players really reach their full potential? They know that if they have a bad night that they have ten other dudes who can outscore the other team. Do the stars need mentees? Does helping those with less talent make them greater? Competition feeds competition. Some of the greatest sport stories of all time started from two teams or two people who were equally as good going head-to-head. Looking at basketball this year I feel we are getting close to some prime sport viewing. Kawhi proved that you dont need three/four superstars on a team to win a championship. Now we dismantled the Warriors a little. We got superstars with Lakers, Nets, Bucks, 76ers, Rockets….the west was always stronger…but they just got a major face lift.

Thinking of benefits could be amazing. Think about early history where they are getting the smartest people to work together to build things like the atom bomb. Other military weapons are created by some of the smartest minds in the world. If we had the best of the best working together could we solve world hunger? Could we find a cure for aids or cancer? The problem is a lot of people are interested in making a name for themselves. Having enough money to make them feel fulfilled. Two people could have the parts needed to cure something like aids. The problem is everyone is so hung up on keeping their ideas secret. I get it…we have a lot of companies who copy others hard work and make cheap replicas. But What If?

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