I’ve recently been thinking about Healthcare. So much that I’ve altered my brain thinking to that of a different person. I watched a video of a “special-needs” person in another country get a wheel chair. They are opening the box and this kid is crying happy tears. He is in utter shock and excitement. He is on cloud nine for something you could get at a local dump in the U.S. The majority of people get theirs from insurance. Some countries only take care of “paying” patients. Their healthcare system is so wrong that you need to be somewhat wealthy to live a longer life. Everyone should be entitled to healthcare. Which is a shocker because I’ve always thought as healthcare as being a “right”. If you are an American citizen you should get healthcare. Whether you pay for it or you get it for free…being an American gave you that right. Illegals should not get free healthcare.

Watching that video has me in some sorts. Is it because the person is mentally challenged? Would I feel same way if not? Very conspiring thoughts…I have made up my mind undoubtedly that everyone should get healthcare. Also, in my mind is that the “country” should be responsible for said healthcare. Which is wrong…country shouldn’t matter. Which is why my brain feels like it’s two space ships connected to each other. You can’t feel both ways…something needs to set the precedent. Am I thinking to far into it? Just because we think something should happen for everyone doesn’t mean it will. When a baby is crying because her mom is working and she wants “boob” milk. That doesn’t give us the right to go over and feed the baby our “boob” milk. It’s not our responsibility or right.

In same sense we pay taxes to our country. Some do not and still get freebies but at some point their family lineage paid into the system. This is another reason why people get so frustrated when illegals come over and have babies who then are considered American citizens because they were born on our soil. They are getting freebies and they have no lineage here who have paved the way. At the end of the day, if the kid in the video were in United States it doesn’t matter who they were or what they looked like. The viewer will feel like everyone at that point deserves healthcare. Which is crazy because I never thought this way. It’s funny how a simple video can make you feel a way that someone tried to shove down your throat but you could never see it.

The thing that really boils me is that people don’t have the same technology. An amputee here can get artificial legs/arms. In another country that same kid won’t get that option unless he came from a wealthy family. The idea of walking around on crutches vs having to tough it out seems barbaric. I know its not necessarily our problem but it’s not the person’s fault for where their parents/lineage decided to set up shop. This is definitely something I will need to recomb thru over and over. Are the people that don’t need to recomb not patriotic? Some people are for the country and others are for humanity. Did they miss a class in elementary? 100% something I need to work out.

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