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So I’m a good daddy and I read my kids two books a piece. I didn’t get that when I was little. To be honest, I don’t think I ever had that happen. I feel like we are almost building our future lines by the actions we do in our life. Our kids will have been read to every night. It may increase their intelligence or make them a better person or it could be a negative thing. Time will tell. Will they read to their kids and then add something else. Slowly our blood lines will work towards perfection. Sidetrackedddd..shizzz

So I read my child Jack and the Beanstalk. I remember it being this positive robin hood type story where the Giant was the bad guy. I start reading it tonight and the boy goes up the stalk and steals the Giant’s gold. After he spends it all “on his family” he goes back up again. Does this boy not have a dad? Does his mom not work? If I was scummy and stole someones bag of gold I would make sure it lasted and I put work in to keep it as much as a reserve as possible. Who knows maybe they did? So he climbs back up the stalk and then he steals a hen that lays golden eggs. I missed part where he climbed up the first time and spoke to the “cook”. The “cook” gave him some food and then hid him in a cupboard because the Giant ate little boys. Who knows if she is telling the truth? Maybe she is trying to fatten him up for her own snack. Maybe its just my own dta attitude.

No where in this book does it say anything about this Giant coming down and eating boys for lunch. All we going on is the words of a “cook”. She could be lying…she could be the man-eater. Maybe the older versions of this book included more background I’m not sure. I need to see the uncut version of this if it even exists. Maybe as a child I filled in the blanks myself and this book is actually a good thing for children? I dunno… So little boy blue went back up the stalk and took the Giant’s golden harp that puts the Giant to sleep. Two things…first thing you already took a bag of gold. Used that all up. Then you took a hen that lays gold eggs. Why in the hell you going back up there? Did the hen die? Did it not lay eggs quick enough for you? Do you want a mansion like the Giant? Secondly, this Giant is supposedly has an appetite for boys. Why would you steal something from him that puts him to sleep? I would set that shiz on auto-repeat and have him in a snow white coma. He would need a princess Fiona kiss to awake 🙂

So little boy blue steals the harp which I still don’t get why…the gold eggs not enough? So Giant wakes up while this boy is thieving. He yells and chases Jack down the beanstalk. Jack ends up cutting down the stalk which results in the Giant falling and subsequently ending his life. The book then explains how Jack did a solid for everyone by killing the GREEDY Giant. Once again, maybe the old school book had some background detail….the only greedy shit is the thief Jack. Let’s break it down. Jack goes up steals some gold. Now I get it….laws allow leniency when someone steals for their family or self to survive. The second time he went up he stole a hen that produces gold eggs. Jack just won the win-for-life sweepstakes with a hen that will continue to deliver value. His greed makes him go up again and take the harp. What’s he gonna do with it? He going to buy some ear plugs and play it for all his neighbors so he can put em to sleep and steal their shit.

What did the “greedy” Giant take? Hell, he could of took everything but it’s not detailed in this book. All he did was eat, sleep & get his stuff stolen. What happened to the cook? She now the Queen of his castle? Was she working with the dude that Jack traded the cow for beans? Was it all a set-up? Did the guy tell Jack that he was going to need to climb up a stalk that would grow from the beans. He was to steal whatever he could from the Giant who lived above. Could the Giant be God? Jack is like everyone else and we steal from his world. I just can’t fathom how this is a children’s book. You go up into someone else’s property and burglarize them. After doing it multiple times they chase you down. You end up blowing their head off and you are the “Hero”? What kind of rubbish are we teaching our kids? It’s okay to steal from someone and then dispose of their body when you get caught? ….off to read all of the books and make sure no more cray cray!!

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