Biggest Children Exploiters

Been crazzzzyyy busy as of late. Trying to stay ahead of the game. Whole stock challenge still live and well but have not had time. You ever think about all of our kids and ourselves playing games. In our evolving world you can’t download a flashlight app without giving them permission to listen to your calls or read your messages. The industry that doesn’t get any hate is the gaming industry. They are able to exploit children in every online based game. They don’t need twitch as they got access to view everyone’s game feeds online. They can see what option we pick or how we react to the screenplay. If game is giving me a clue to take the right path…I 95% time will take the left path. Some peeps go straight for the guided answer without possibly treasure hunting the other cave.

They can input certain objects/people/faces to see what you would do. Sad part is the government’s been doing this to us for years so the gaming industry is a little behind. They are able to tell if your more likely to shoot or to keep your weapon holstered. They have all the information they need to see what makes you tick. They can pull data from your gaming and see what your tendencies are. What product are you most likely to buy. What would help you make the decision if it was tough. The right words to use. The right colors…on and on.

I feel like we should be aiming our attention to gaming industry. Audit them and see what dead bodies they are hiding in their closet. We all know Facebook, Google & Apple are not the only ones treating us like science projects. Think about life before phones and tablets. How did they pull this information before than? Is phones/tablets/computers/smart watches..all created to keep us in check. To make sure we all feel somewhat vulnerable because we are. Do the old-schoolers have the right idea? Think Mafia style. They started adapting and not trusting phones. Phones can be tapped…conversation can be had and not be private. Private conversation is a convo that happens in area that you know isn’t bugged and it’s between you and one other person. More people can be involved as well if you trust them with your life. Trust like that is so hard to come by. So maybe cell phones, tablets, computers…were made for another reason…or maybe they became the reason we lack privacy. It’s still our choice to partake as I am doing right this moment!

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