Assumptions (Assume) Ass U & Me

I remember my dad telling me all about assumptions as a child. That when you assume you make an ass out of you and me. Through out life we are all creators and victims of assumption. The funny part is some people get real animated when they were assuming something to be something it’s not. My buddy was waiting on a package that got delivered at his buddy’s house while he was on vacation. By the time he got back the buddy had left for his own vacation. He called his buddy and asked him what time he would be home and he replied “soon”. So guy “assumes” soon means today and within couple hours. He does some errands and then goes to his buddies house. He knows his package is there but it’s behind a locked door. His buddy still isn’t there. He waits at the house for a half hour and then starts to get little pissed. “Where the fuck is he? He said soon…what the fuck is he doing?…I need my package and this doucher not coming home…everything and anything we think of. So we start getting mad and eventually call him.

Buddy answers the phone and said yea man we will be home soon. We are in another state right now. We will be home tomorrow. Now his soon was not on the same page with what you thought “soon” meant. Are you right to be angry? You didn’t ask him what soon meant? You start boiling thinking of the time you wasted that you could of been doing 1 of a million other things. Some people could hold a grudge even though they were wrong. Others will accept and move on. Everyone is same but we all got different wiring set-ups. You can try and act your way into a different class. Problem is you got your regular joes and then the jesters who you think your the jester and they are the joe. Assuming is such a hard ability to master. Your going with gut-reaction which more times than not is correct.

Question is could we slow down are brains to the level of the person we are dealing with. Could your “slow” be someone elses “fast”? You wonder why some people assume so quickly. Like the current is skipping certain closed off radiators and just keeps bypassing thru the channels. What makes these outlets shut off? Drugs can also be a way to re-classify yourself for short bursts. Your dopamine and serotonin levels can be manipulated to make you an image of anything imaginable. A lot of us see people as we see Tigers. There are six groups of tiger. Just like there are groups of people. We view people by their classifications. Like a dead tiger we judge the worth of a person by their skin. If it was killed where is that gun shot hole? The value of the dead tiger is based on what value his remnants are and what shape they are in. We don’t place the same value on people even in their own groups. We are constantly breaking down a person to their bitter core. Can we decide to alter that?

Some people think $1000.00 is a lot. Others think $100,000 is a lot. Guy could buy dollar ticket and win $100.00 and be utterly thrilled. Another person could parlay that $100.00 into some more tickets because it’s nothing to them. People are exceptions to the rules we create. We categorize people by traits/personality/looks/smells. We are all the “Man” being chased by the Animal. We get scared of the idea of the Animal taking control and we eliminate the threat. As long as we stay in a spot that we are familiar with we feel safe. Problem is the Animal knows what are safe spots are. They can sit their and wait us out.

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