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Here Comes The Shocker!

I came across this article. Side Note: Writing on a laptop with WP is with these blocks and whatnot is mind boggling. Going to need to research. Anywho, so this couple are having a conversation and their Echo device mistaking overhears some words and takes it as a command to record the conversation. Not only does it record the conversation but it sends it off to an employee of the husband. I personally do not have an Echo so I cannot tell you how they work. Employee contacts the husband and tells him…yo man…I heard all about your hardwood floors and love making schedule…whatttt? As I said…I do not have one…but how is it going to decide to record this and send it without even verifying it with me? If I write an email, blog, note…anything…I get a confirmation request. This is not a good look but the worst is yet to come. When you think about it the device is sitting there all day listening for keywords/commands. Everything you are saying is being screened. Which leads me to the next article I found. …So Amazon is paying thousands of people to listen to our conversations to “fine-tune” their software?

Shockerrrr!! The scary part is when you dive deeper and you start thinking of all the possibilities. Who are they giving/selling this to? Some of you might think…not Amazon..look at Facebook! All these big companies make believe they take it soo serious until the ball drops and all they have is apologies. Worst offender recently is Equifax. ..143 Million Americans affected. Their main purpose is to store our personal information and provide it to banks, employers, landlords & businesses so they can make decisions based on our “credit worthiness”. How does an entity who is responsible for so many people’s private data…totally blow our private information into the wind for any person to tamper with. Off on a tangent again..

All of you Amazonian’s who use Echos have to decide if your personal information is worth the value of what the device brings to the table. Diving down the idea of someone listening to my personal conversations with my kids, wife, family members, etc… is just to much. Not only that but I have no doubt that Amazon is literally creating a digital library that’s so ginormous that it makes the Library of Congress look like your local bed and breakfast. Think about it.. you have an echo that you bought. It’s linked with your Amazon account. They know your name and any personal information you gave them. As they are listening they are categorizing your name with your voice. They are linking your family(wife, kids, parents). Anyone who comes over your house becomes linked. Anything anyone says can be added/removed from each profile your echo makes. Let’s say Derrick comes over. They have his voice and his name. Your talking to your wife and mention the street he lives on “Monroe Street is a really grimy place and he and Sharon will need to move somewhere else when she finally delivers”. Now Echo knows what street he lives on…what his wife/girlfriend’s name is and that they have a baby coming. Now let’s say you go visit your friend Gavin in New York. He also has an Echo. As your chatting in the house Echo can pick up that “you” are in his house. How? Because they have your entire life cataloged. Now they can update both files and say you both are related/friends… The best part is people who are anti-technology come to your house and they are being recorded and they don’t even know it.

It could be a huge conspiracy or this could be realistic. The fact remains that they can use this information to sway you. Just like cookies on the internet….you notice when you view things a lot of times the ads you see are that exact item. The more you see it the more likely you will buy it. If your looking at a random food item and decide not to get it and you move on. Chances are you will not go back for that item. Imagine before checkout there is a lady who has been watching you and she saw how much time you were debating this particular item. She is standing there giving out free samples of that exact item. You try it and you like it. You decide to go back for that item.

When your searching online you have to concede that what your doing isn’t completely private. Whether your at your house or work whatever you do on your computer can be uncovered. So I get seeing the ad for the robot I looked at over and over again. Imagine your buddy Derrick again going online and seeing ads for baby items when we never searched for any. Now it does seem like a good idea to keep ideas fresh in someone’s mind(Derrick might not be thinking about everything he will need with a new baby) but this isn’t tv and the company isn’t paying for a commercial. To make matters worse is there is no regulation on this. Whose keeping Amazon on their toes? Whose keeping them from selling your information to the highest bidder or multiple bidders.

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